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Manitoba Métis Federation

Media Advisory: President David Chartrand of the Manitoba Métis Federation Returns to Winnipeg, Following Historic Supreme Court Ruling

Media Advisory: President David Chartrand of the Manitoba Métis Federation Reacts to Historic Supreme Court Ruling

Métis Nation of Ontario

Manitoba Métis Land Claim Case Decision
Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) President Gary Lipinski stated that, “this is an important day for the Métis.  The Supreme Court of Canada acknowledged that there is unfinished business with the Métis and that this includes our land issues.  Hopefully the federal government will begin to negotiate with the Métis.

Mainstream Media

CBC News Interview with lawyer Jason Madden, legal counsel for the Métis Nation of Manitoba on MMF decision.

The Other Side of the Métis Story
Metis legal scholar Paul Chartrand’s take on the recent MMF decision.

For the Métis, justice had no expiry date
Melanie Paradis,
Upholding the honour of the Crown by reconciling aboriginal rights and interests is one of those immutable principles.

Reconciliation with the Métis: The time has come
Written by Jason Madden,  Métis lawyer and partner in the law firm Pape Salter Teillet LLP. He has been legal counsel in much of the litigation advanced on Métis rights over the last decade, including, acting for the intervener, Métis Nation of Alberta, in Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. v. Canada.

A duty of diligent fulfillment? SCC rules that land grants to Métis children breached Honour of Crow
McCarthy Tétrault LLP Byron Shaw 

Manitoba Metis win historic ruling
Written by Roger Annis

Métis Ruling Could Benefit Here
Fort Frances Gary Lipinski, president of the Métis Nation of Ontario speaks on Métis ruling. Discussions on the impact of the MMF decision on other provincial jurisdictions.

Supreme Court sides with Métis in historic Manitoba land claim dispute

Canada’s Rendezvous with the Métis
Thomas Berger, a former justice of the B.C. Supreme Court best known for his work as commissioner of the Mackenzie Valley pipeline inquiry, was counsel for the Manitoba Métis Federation in the Supreme Court of Canada.

‘Cosmic justice’ for the Métis
Tom Flanagan is a professor of political science at the University of Calgary. He was a witness for the federal Crown in Manitoba Métis Federation v. Canada.

Riel’s Revenge
CBC program: A recent Supreme Court decision in favour of the Manitoba Metis Federation could fundamentally change the nature of Crown/Metis relations in Canada. We hear from interested participants, including Thomas Berger who argued this case for almost three decades; Jean Teillet, Louis Riel’s great-grand niece, who intervened on behalf of Metis from Ontario; and David Chartrand, President of the Manitoba Metis.

Métis and Off-Reserve Aboriginals Await Outcome of Harper Appeal of Court Status Ruling
The Canadian government is appealing a court ruling that gives Métis and off-reserve aboriginals the same constitutional status as those who live on reserves.

A primer for MPs: Supreme Court’s landmark decision on Manitoba Métis Federation v. Canada
Landmark ruling: The Supreme Court recently ruled in favour of the Manitoba Métis Federation, saying the way the government parcelled out land to children of the Manitoba Métis in the 1870s did not live up to its constitutional obligations. Thomas R. Berger, who served as counsel for the Métis Federation v. Canada, offers a primer here on the landmark case.



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